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Installing New Water Heater

Move your new heater to its location by on foot it or by using an appliance cart, dolly, or hand truck. Position the new heater so that piping particularly a gas vent pipe will reach easily. For a gas heater, install the heater's new draft hood. Many heaters have legs that insert into holes on the heater's top. Every gas water heater needs proper venting that's no smaller than the draft hood collar of the new heater. It's a good idea to use new vent pipe elbows, since the old ones are probably corroded at their present angles. The vent should go straight up as far as possible. Any horizontal run in the vent should slope upward at least. Connect the vent pipe with short sheet metal screws. Now you can make the hot and cold water connections. One of the easiest ways to make these connections is using flex-connectors.